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Krelian - this icon is not edible..

: These Icons are -not- made of people :

~But sometimes, we wish they were.~

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: Requests Post - Open :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
jyuufish wrote in isoylent
Do you have a picture that you want made into an icon, perhaps for a roleplaying journal or something else? Do you want to throw a picture out there just to see what you'll get? Just respond to this post with your request and I'll see what I can do. Granted I have my specialties in terms of what I can do and can't do.. and sometimes I just go with the flow.


Creative manipulations of brushes and textures.


Text (really really really bad at text)


If you have a picture that you want turned into an icon, well just request away. I'd be more then happy to do it (unless I can't, and then I probably will tell you right off the bat so that I don't waste your time)

Happy Requesting!

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Nodame Cantabile, Nodame Cantabile, Nodame Cantabile. That's the reason I asked about simply requesting a series/character without pics, because I don't have anything stored. And Kain Highwind and Cid Highwind.

I'm so not making this easy for you. Sorry!

Oh no, don't worry about it. I honestly don't mind and I will definitely get on it to be making some icons for all of them (Cid and Kain ♥ ) <-- is probably actually going to start Nodame Cantible soon.

I'm holding on the Nodame Cantible... since I find it hard to make icons unless I've really seen the series however I do have three icons. I hope that you like them! (and if you want to keep them just let me know, and if you want to share them, let me know as well! I won't put them up on isoylent unless I know!

Edited at 2010-02-02 03:13 pm (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
Hello~! I am made of graphic fail, but I was wondering if you can help me. ^^

You know I have been trying my best to make an icon out of this, not so great looking, header:


I was wondering if would be possible to make any sort of matching icon to that.

Here is the original:


Thank you~! <3

I think I can actually do that! Hold on let me try. Textless okay or do you have your heart set on text?

Awesome~! Textless is fine. =D

Thank you so much. <3

Okay, I sort of threw this one out. If you don't like it and/or want me to try again, well here's what I got (and I would be happy to try again if you are not satisfied.)

omg, that's beautiful. ;_;

Can I see the textless one as well?

I'd like to request a couple variations on this image, please.


It's the screenshot of Light from her status menu. I love it, but I could never quite icon it nicely due to my inability to hide or remove the text well. Maybe you can figure it out! :) No preference on style, do what ever you like.

Also, I skimmed the other comments and noticed you like yaoi. Woot, it makes me happy to know you like it as well. Bl fangirls need more representation.

If you haven't read her work yet, I recommend yaoi manga artist Mika Sadahiro. Most of her work consists of pretty, smutty one-shots. Definitely NSFW at all! However, the few times in which she writes a long series, like Under Grand Hotel and Hai to Diamond, the characterizations and growth is some of the best I've ever read. The storylines are dramatic, and she's able to depict really sweet love in seedy and intense environments. It's weird but cool, like finding a gemstone in the dirt.

Re: FF13 Icon Request!

Oh my goodness, Under Grand Hotel. I love that series, I really like her style but her stories I am very picky. I love love love Under Grand Hotel though because it was hot and yet pretty sweet too.. the relationship between the two was sweet (and it ended so tragically) <--- I must of rewrote that word a few times.. yay for just getting up. I like BL quite a bit, but I need a strong story as well as the smut and I am in love with character dynamics.

Yay, Lightening. I can't wait to attempt it, I already sort of have an idea for it so no worries, I will work on it tonight after my foray into Tales of Vesperia world.

And Oh Yui! (I have a K-on request that someone posted on my journal that I have to get to.. and I really need to make some icons of that second season ending because it's so adorable)

Re: FF13 Icon Request!

I have made your icon! Hopefully it passes muster. It wasn't that hard at all to remove the lettering. (I am really good at that strangely enough)

If there's anything that you're unhappy with, just tell me and I'll go back and fix it!

Re: FF13 Icon Request!

Wow, that was fast! Thank jyuu (Pun. teehee!). I can't believe you made that from the screenshot. Very creative! <3

Would you be able to make a version without the red glow on the hand and face, please? :< It feels a little too harsh on her, or perhaps I'm just in the mood for something a bit softer.

Yay, I look forward to your K-on!! icons. That ED is awesome. The girls look so stylish in those music video-like sequences.

Oh? I remember Under Grand Hotel having a happy ending, with the tropical island scene. @_@

Hey :D

Can you make 4 icons from these images? They are Takashi from High School of the dead XD (1 with Rei tho)


I think I can and I would love to. ^_^ I've saved them all and I will work on them tonight!

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