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Krelian - this icon is not edible..

: These Icons are -not- made of people :

~But sometimes, we wish they were.~

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: Textures - "Hetalia" :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
jyuufish wrote in isoylent
I was listening to the "Axis Power Hetalia" ending song when I created these textures, so pretty much I let BRIGHT AND COLOURFUL RULE THE DAY. Enjoy! ♥

| Download |

*I created a members only texture last week, so become a member to see and download it!

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Snagged this set. Will credit if used.

these look different! snagging! will credit you when I use them :D

Oh wow...they're really awesome to look at! :D

Beautiful textures! Will most definately credit when used. :]

Love it! Snagging, crediting, and watching!

Thank you very much, your compliments make me happy muchly! ♥

Thanks for sharing. :D

Textures are lovely! Great job, and thanks.

oh, these are gorgeous! thank you!

Love these. Snagging and will credit. Thanks :D

I love the colours! Snagging and will credit if I use them. THank you!

Took them and some others, thank you!

PRETTTTY. Snagged. You're added tot he credit list.

I just discovered your site and you have such beautiful textures! I'll be snagging lots of them and crediting you. Thank you so much for making these! :)

Oh no problem, I am so glad that you could have use for them! ♥

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