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Krelian - this icon is not edible..

: These Icons are -not- made of people :

~But sometimes, we wish they were.~

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: Textures - "Lala" : & : Textures - "Glitterball" :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
jyuufish wrote in isoylent
An icon post will come soon, just have had these textures on my computer and sorta wanted to get them out there. Once again I want to thank anyone for their support, can't really do it without all you awesome people who download my resources! (Yeah I realize that I'm going to have to do a member's only texture soon, but I actually have a few ideas floating in my mind for that. (since really texture making is incredibly gratifying)

Just wanted to leave out there, if you would like to be affiliates with isoylent, well my affiliate post can be found HERE

| Here @ DeviantArt |


| Here @ DeviantArt |

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As always, your textures are absolutely breathtaking! :D

These look lovely! Thank you! :-)

Snagged both sets. Will credit if used.

I took both sets. Both equally wonderful. Will credit when used. Thanks!

(Deleted comment)
These are so nice. I downloaded and will credit when I use them.

Aww I love how you dedicated the other set for your cat. I'm glad she's getting better. :)

Anyway. Snagging both of these. Will credit if used. Thank you!

Thank you, yeah. I named the set after her.. I had pretty much lost most desire to anything while I was dealing with her being very sick (she had an extremely low blood content for some reason and I had to give her three medications twice a day) she's getting back to her old self and so when my desire to actually do things came back, I decided to name and dedicate my work in progress after her.

I'm glad you like them and can get some use out of them.

snagging both.
thank you! :D

Snagging both texture sets. They look beautiful! Thanks so much. Will credit! :)

grabbing both sets, these are gorgeous. thanks!

both of these are lovely! thank you for sharing.

Pretty :) Downloading and crediting, thank you!

the textures you have on devian-Art are all awesome!! i .. err download them all, tehe~~

and i should join this community too! <3

tysm for sharing!! :D

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