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Krelian - this icon is not edible..

: These Icons are -not- made of people :

~But sometimes, we wish they were.~

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: Textures - "Victoriana" :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
jyuufish wrote in isoylent

| Here @ Deviantart |

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These look gorgeous!!♥
Snagged and will definitely credit

Glad you could have use for them! ♥

(Deleted comment)
Thank you for the kind words!

(Deleted comment)
Well it is people like you who make this all worthwhile!

Thanks, I took a few sets.

I hope you can find a few uses for them!

I'm taking these.
thank you! ^^

Thank you for being a member and loyal, I appreciate you!

these are amazing, i love the colors! thank you for sharing. :)

Awww thank you very much.. can't do it without members like you!

Very cool. Will credit with use as I learn more about icon making. <3

Well good luck on your endeavors, how exciting!

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